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Ascensio(N), the follow up to my release Awake(N), is the sonic result of the way an Awakened Heart can respond to the natural struggles involved in everyday life.

There is nothing real outside our perception of reality. One’s perception is all we have control over and attachment to any external entity, activity or substance which provides temporary relief from pain leads only to further suffering. Suffering which at it’s most intense can ironically lead to Liberation via the seemingly insane belief that something not of this earth, beyond our understanding and control has all Power and is filled with only Love.

To find your way it is a requirement to first admit you are lost. A verbal term for this awareness is personal and I will not venture into possibilities because reference to specific practices of this basic principle inevitably leads to pointless controversy. It’s not so important to know the name of your street, but rather to be walking on it. A mystic may point to the Truth, but waste no time arguing about the finger - with each step toward Transcendence of fear, courage will grow and bloom.

One Love.


released November 12, 2013

Written, Produced and Performed by Frank Heiss except:
Mystical Revival featuring Soham
Brahman featuring Jackson Whalan
Bardo featuring Falu and
The Good, The True and The Beautiful featuring Michael Garfield

Cover Art: Illumination III by Michael Divine
Used with license and permission.



all rights reserved


HEISS Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Mind The Void
Mind the void, neither run nor attain
Freedom from need is when we let Love reign
Master of desire; hold out for fire
Living to learn, therein without the burn
Track Name: Mystical Revival feat Soham
this the arrival of the mystical revival, expanding exponential like we're sippin from the vial sittin listening to vinyl steady scriptin with a smile nutrition for survival we've been missin for awhile been commissioned as a child put my vision in art keen eyes open ears & an intimate heart I live to embark depart from where the infinite starts deliverin sparks like Tesla with a synonym chart to rhythmless parts spreading hip hop medicine tick tock veterans with dynamic rhetoric times hands ahead of us we're always movin right around perfect place time & space grateful for the sights & sounds write it down grab grab a pen & then start relaying messages of hope women & men in the dark contending with sharks stay centered and sharp intend with your heart only we can be the sugar when life's lemons are tart
Track Name: No Leap
If we're acting on Faith then there really is NO LEAP
Just Believe it and you see - it folks it's really not that deep
There's a seed in our hearts for the Soul we pray to keep
Being mindful when we can that what we sow we shall reap

And yet without any works therein a Spirit could be dead
Experience the perks - no echoes in the head
Opportunity is rife, discontent just a knife
So much more than only strife - each time we die Eternal Life
Track Name: Brahman feat Jackson Whalan
In Hinduism, Brahman is the unchanging reality
Amidst and beyond the world
Which cannot be exactly defined
It is the highest reality, being, consciousness, and bliss
The ultimate essence of material phenomena
A liberated being has realized Brahman
As his or her own true self

A primal human, absolute spirit
Receive it and hear it, no need to fear it
City of Brahman, manifested Earth
Constant creation and endless birth
Giving form to the atmosphere and wide expanse
Preceding Shiva's dance nirvana in a glance
By Brahman this world is established
Expelling life from the heart in a breath of magic
Searching for each other and finding ourselves
Caskets of the Gods in heavenly realms
Immortality, illusions of morality
Observing reality, blessed with progeny
Seeking the best like a golden treasure chest
Suffused in celestial light and nothing less
Compassed with glory of all that came before me
Like Brahman in the center of the sacred story

The one, the one, the one, etc...

Cities of temples and societal rebels
Old streets, stones, rocks, and pebbles
Burning the dead straight to the godhead
Wherever everyone is led, so it is said
Beside a holy river, the soul is purified
Through secret channels of body and mind
Constantly tossed by the wobble of time
Calling down the spirits with bells and chimes
The world is a mirror through subjective intellect
So there's nothing in this life worthy of neglect
Dreams and waking states intersect
Moving from the physical, consciousness project
Searching for the truth even if it's false
Waiting for a moment when all destruction halts
And creation turns to permanence like an eternal song
No will to label what is right and wrong

The one, the one, the one, etc...

In Hinduism, Brahman is the unchanging reality
Amidst and beyond the world
Which cannot be exactly defined
It is the highest reality, being, consciousness, and bliss
The ultimate essence of material phenomena
A liberated being has realized Brahman
As his or her own true self
Track Name: I See Red
Like an asteroid screaming through the atmosphere
My soul began to disappear, from the moment I was of kin
Oh come now, let's begin

The fire that burns within holds prisoner The Power
I must summon - always emerging I arrive, free to be mislead
All around me I see...

I see red on the TV's and on the walls
and on the windows in the shopping malls
but in the sky I found out why, and this is what they said

From the flames that rage inside, rise forth the pain and hatred that you do hide, and yet this torch which incinerates your soul,
rise above - emerges in the form of Love

Ring of fire - inside me
Surrounding empire - outside me
Some day, some way ever will we agree?
Right or wrong all around me
And never...

-written circa 1993
Track Name: Without Darkness
Without darkness - there can be no Light
Question is: how dark are you willing to let it get?

Once upon a time long ago I was lost
I didn't know just what to do? or where to go? or who to be?
So I tried it my way and discovered the cost
and only in Surrender did I find myself free

Here and now today I am grateful to be found
Consciously aware and mindful best I can
Except to walk forward two feet firmly on the ground
Opportunity to seek better ways to be a man

I know what I need and I know how to get it...
I know what she wants and I know how to give it...

Each and every day wake up early with the sun
Maintain in service for all that is yearned
In solitude recall that the journey's just begun
And the bumps along the path are what is to be learned

Leave the one for, behind on the road
And know there's not enough of any single earthly thing
A kiss is not required to no longer be a toad
Grow instead of go, for a Prince becomes a King

I know what I got and I know how to live it...
I know what I got and I know how to live it...