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Front Cover Art: "Celestial Shore" by Adam Scott Miller

Back Cover Art and Heiss Mandala by Sam Farrand


released December 12, 2012
All music and lyrics written, produced and performed by Frank Heiss except: I Kiss Your Eyes, Sloow Burn, Planet Nutz - lyrics by Frank Heiss & Julie K Knight with backup vocals by Julie K Knight and Drop The Fuss - backup vocals by Julie K Knight

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HEISS Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Don't Just Do Something, Sit There...
When the Darkness comes all across the land
Breath in the Spirit passing, feel the chest expand
No reaction to resistance or supply and demand
Thinking softly falls; an hourglass of endless sand
And when there is no effort, palms open in the hand
You can listen to the soothing meta-physical band
Then the tune that is playing will transcend what I'm saying
So that moment you were fearing disappears in what you're hearing
Awaken to embrace and face - there is no case
Keep pace in stride outside the race...
Track Name: I Did Not Inhale
Mother Nature near my lips, I did not inhale
Each time that can be, you know it wasn't even stale
I got what I got, today my asset as a tale
In the moment weigh it up and put some balance on the scale
Mind will offer thoughts that make me look a bit pale but
In my gut the knot is gone because I swallowed the nail
The work there is today cannot be based on any sale
No measure of result upon the lifting of the veil
When the wind begins to howl; a tornado or a gale
Delivery of the One without a need to fail
Possibly enjoy aroma of the kind but find
The other ways there are to free the mind
In hind sight now and then do we get shown The Light to
Move on without a fight; therein exists a great Might - all right
Heart is open where it once was real tight
Look up at the clock and see it's time to get ill
Knowing that out there in The Kosmos is another red pill and still
There's no way out of no way out until
For what cannot be changed... abandon the will
Track Name: Outside Your Mind
Watch the thought go bye
Without a reason why
Transform, Breathe in and Sigh
Awaken to each new die
Track Name: I Kiss Your Eyes


I kiss your eyes, my love is super-sized
I do or do not do, cuz there are no tries
I know it's true that the word is love and if
I get confused I use The Force above because

The beautiful things don't even need to be said
The proof is in the pudding so relax the head
It ain't about he, she, this and that
I inquire within to find out where it's at

Each and every moment in the journey of life
I got no need to escape from a little pain and strife
I just turn it around and make a magic sound
I lift my soft gaze up off the ground

And if I go looking then I will not see
The clear and simple Truth right in front of me because
It's always there, even when I go blind
I must never forget how I can FREE MY MIND

In other people's heads awaits the highway to hell and
when then noise gets loud, you know I never can tell
But its only me who can cast the spell I said:
What's the time? It's the time to get WELL!!
Track Name: Sloow Burn
An interesting thing, the beast we call desire
'cuz it's hard to predict when the smoke will turn to fire
And yet Balance is revealed when the Power is Higher
No more need to advertise for a brand new buyer
Or find yet another who could shout out sire
Run at the mouth, just like a town crier
Those who know, don't tell - or might be called a liar
And in the end, you know the Truth is on the wire...

That the mind will turn, fact or fiction discern
For one and other oh yes we do yearn
But in the present moment, Awaken to learn
That on The Middle Way is a sloow burn...
Track Name: Projection Lane
In my head, behind enemy lines and
when I think I arrived, I can't pay the fines
the path is laid deep with explosive mines
I can always chase the good to manifest bad times

It doesn't have to matter how the cookie will crumble
the more I seek control, things will start to tumble
Gotta stay focused in order not to stumble
and if I do not the circumstance will make me humble

It's easy to stroll down Projection Lane
but it's not a thru street, expectation leads to pain
Every lesson to be granted is never in vain
Got a shot at some growth and leave behind the disdain

Just when I stopped seeking, I saw a street sign
and I suddenly knew that I did not have to whine
I already had what I got it was mine
Never had to wait all that time in line

There can be no game each and every day
Because the only winning move is simply not to play
What do you do? cuz it ain't what you say!
Gotta move like a fox in a silent way

When the greed strikes to satiate
You can always sit back relax and meditate

It's a good idea to have a loose plan
But it's when you can bend that really makes the man
Track Name: I'm Not The Man
I'm not the man when I reach out my hand to the stranger who dwells in an even stranger land
I said come on my fellow and join the band you can learn to let go and not make your last stand
Believe you no longer have to feel empty inside because there is way out, to walk with no need to hide
It's when I'm looking back on all those days that I cried I know more often than not to myself I lied
I can live in the present with a spring into action and it's not like they say because there is satisfaction
Having courage ain't easy but I can show you it works, simply walk this way and don't engage the jerks
Awaken technicolor and then open the door I was amazed at what I would find was in store
To acknowledge a desire for the more and more or continue my descent and wake up beneath the floor
No more reason to sleep on my pillow of tears because I tear down the wall and then release my fears
There are not enough days and sometimes too many years but I don't have to react as much, when The Man shifts gears...
Track Name: Planet Nutz
Upon earthly pleasures it's best to never rely
a basic principle is one you simply can't deny and
when yer shadow hits the fan don't even try to justify
Beauty and Grace never need a reason why

Each and every time having met the one
if not uppercase it won't end in much fun
easily forgot that the light is in the sun
and sometimes it is not what we want that gets done

And if you find worth in external things like
fast cars, hot babes who wear your diamond rings
what you call yours, some day it takes wings
it ain't over 'til it's over and the real One sings

In the back of the mind, how to make the final cuts?
even more than that, is where to get the guts?
there upon looking for ifs and's or buts?
just buy a one way ticket to Planet Nutz...
Track Name: Drop The Fuss
Hello, you have reached the give a fuss hotline, we are sorry to inform you that there is no fuss available to be given in the present moment. User options:
* If you would like to remain on hold and further manifest your suffering, please press 6
* If you would like to speak with a human being, act as if, cop a warm smile and proceed to you nearest local community to greet a stranger face-to-face, with love
* If you would like be free from the need to be free, make a conscious choice to terminate this synthetic interaction and take note of the time, which your 3rd eye will tell you is _always_ NOW.
Drop the fuss (just drop it...)