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Greetings Spirit kindred. I am very excited to present to you, my remix project Awaken(D). This compilation is the result of hard work, planning and lots of communication among producers, many of whom I consider to be the most profound in the Transformational festival circuit today. I am honored to call them friends.

Based upon principles outlined by Charles Eisenstein is his work Sacred Economics, this is a “gift economy” release. The producers were compensated for their time in various capacities because time is the most valuable commodity we have - it is limited and backed by our lives. However there is no specified asking price for Awaken(D) - the suggested contribution is $4.14, or if you are able then $14.14.

In the words of great American composer Charles Ives: “if [a composer] has a nice wife and some nice children, how can he let the children starve on his dissonances?” I am very fortunate to have other genuine interests and pursuits as part of my livelihood in addition to music which grant me Liberty to do what I want creatively without having to conform to current trends. Sometimes I have chosen to make commercial pop music for television, but that is perfectly ok with me. I will no longer choose to lead the struggled life of a “real” artist which has become cliche. This is in direct opposition to what I thought 20 years ago when I first began producing electronic music and was living that exact struggled life, which nearly killed me. I used to think that if music was not my only source of income and my full time “job” then I would be a “fake.” At the expense of my own self inflicted misery, I now know this to be far from reality. Whatever transpires is not directly within my control, but there is one thing I will not have to do, and that is stop creating.

The release of Awaken(D) also marks the launch of my imprint Transcendent Tunes inspired by the ground breaking work of producer Bill Laswell and philosopher Ken Wilber A phenomenon like Axiom records would never have been possible without the financial support of Chris Blackwell - perhaps you have already realized how this is connected to my quote from Charles Ives above.

I would make excellent use of your support in continuing my musical pursuits, but I shall neither demand nor carry expectation as to how you choose to co-create, which highlights a conception of 3rd stage Interdependent relationship; intimate or otherwise - I can take care of myself, but appreciate when you help… and likewise I am sure! :-) For details investigate the work of David Deida.

Let’s do this!
One Love.

If it works, fine! If it fails, fine; […] for don't you see, any step that one takes is useful, is positive, has to be positive because it's a part of life, even the negation of the previously taken step is positive, that too is a part of life. ~Jules Feiffer’s Little Murders


released April 14, 2014

Cover Art by Samuel Farrand


all rights reserved



HEISS Boston, Massachusetts

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