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I Did Not Inhale

from by HEISS



Mother Nature near my lips, I did not inhale
Each time that can be, you know it wasn't even stale
I got what I got, today my asset as a tale
In the moment weigh it up and put some balance on the scale
Mind will offer thoughts that make me look a bit pale but
In my gut the knot is gone because I swallowed the nail
The work there is today cannot be based on any sale
No measure of result upon the lifting of the veil
When the wind begins to howl; a tornado or a gale
Delivery of the One without a need to fail
Possibly enjoy aroma of the kind but find
The other ways there are to free the mind
In hind sight now and then do we get shown The Light to
Move on without a fight; therein exists a great Might - all right
Heart is open where it once was real tight
Look up at the clock and see it's time to get ill
Knowing that out there in The Kosmos is another red pill and still
There's no way out of no way out until
For what cannot be changed... abandon the will


from Awake​(​N), released December 12, 2012
Written, Produced & Performed by Frank Heiss



all rights reserved


HEISS Boston, Massachusetts

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