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Projection Lane

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In my head, behind enemy lines and
when I think I arrived, I can't pay the fines
the path is laid deep with explosive mines
I can always chase the good to manifest bad times

It doesn't have to matter how the cookie will crumble
the more I seek control, things will start to tumble
Gotta stay focused in order not to stumble
and if I do not the circumstance will make me humble

It's easy to stroll down Projection Lane
but it's not a thru street, expectation leads to pain
Every lesson to be granted is never in vain
Got a shot at some growth and leave behind the disdain

Just when I stopped seeking, I saw a street sign
and I suddenly knew that I did not have to whine
I already had what I got it was mine
Never had to wait all that time in line

There can be no game each and every day
Because the only winning move is simply not to play
What do you do? cuz it ain't what you say!
Gotta move like a fox in a silent way

When the greed strikes to satiate
You can always sit back relax and meditate

It's a good idea to have a loose plan
But it's when you can bend that really makes the man


from Awake​(​N), track released May 1, 2012
Written, Produced & Performed by Frank Heiss



all rights reserved


HEISS Boston, Massachusetts

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