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The Captive Mind featuring Soham


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The Captive Mind is a celebration and tribute to something that is part of what we all are: deceit and betrayal; quite simply - lies... or maybe you've never been involved in such an interaction? And when you realize that you have, can you now see that this is indeed a part of what we all are?

We have a collective Shadow regardless of whether we were dishonest, or are still holding on to the pain of being hurt, seemingly beyond repair and carrying this forward to interaction with previously uninvolved parties. Of course, it is also possible and perhaps likely that we have been dishonest with ourselves. We owe responsibility to our Inner Truth, in the Eye of the Beholder - this is where we may find the courage to change and since we are indeed all One, this at first unpleasant notion awaits Acceptance and Self Love which is a result of action and cannot really be taught in the traditional sense.

I use the words "celebration" and "tribute" for what could be perceived as dark subject matter because Shadow is cast by Light. Without one there cannot be the other and much effective Spiritual growth can be, and is often the result of emotional pain. Beneath our comfort level, for which you may choose your own word to represent the universal conception of human suffering; in those seemingly hopeless moments, awaits a Higher Conscious Self, for which you may also choose your own word to represent this universal conception of Love's Bliss. It is simply a matter of turning one's mind away from the noise and toward Presence, which collective experience indicates is where Serenity is.

It is frequent occurrence to wind up beneath our comfort level, even when we choose not to push beyond our edge, perhaps especially then, so taking Gratitude for what appear to be obstructions in our Path and the opportunity for learning and growth these provide is essential to living a Mindful existence. There is a basic choice, available at all times, to believe in bad "luck" or Kosmic Destiny... and Trust that everything is meant to be just as it is. There is nothing “real” outside our perception of reality and perception happens Now, in each and every passing moment. May you Be, and remain in that place.

One Love.

The date chosen for release of this work is 3-1-13. The 13th day, and it also contains 3-1, 13 reversed at that! Often associated with betrayal and superstition. Let us set aside pre-conceptions of bad 'luck' surrounding the number 13:

“The Nahua people such as the Aztecs, Chichimecs and the Toltecs believed that the heavens were constructed and separated into 13 levels.”

Number that cleans and purifies.
The number 13 brings the test, the suffering and the death.
It symbolizes the death to the matter or to oneself and the birth to the spirit: the passage on a higher level of existence. In 13th psalm, it is written: "The fool has said in his heart, There is no God".

“The Number 13 is a Karmic Number. Number 13 is the number of upheaval, so that new ground can be broken. The number 13 has great power. If this power is used for selfish purposes, it will bring destruction of the self, and in turn, this will bring dis-ease and illnesses. Adapting to change gracefully will bring out the strength of the 13 vibration, and decrease any potential for the negative.”

The 13th letter of the English alphabet is M, which finds its roots in the 13th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, “mem” (meaning mother), which was the ancient Phoenician word for water. The ancient Egyptian word for water was “moo.” M is the most sacred of all the letters, for it symbolizes water, where all life began. It is the root of the word “mother,” and relates to the evolutionary destiny of Africans, African-Americans, and all people of African descent who are ruled by the number 13.


-=LYRICS=- by David John Weber

our evolution’s imminent time to define the mission sit back unwind and listen we’re in our prime position reach out provide what’s missing, don’t let your fire expire inspire higher desires liars designed this vision

limits are illusions and false gimmicks are intrusions lights so bright that they can’t dim it see infinite is our fusion some critics said we’re losing but our power devours them cryptic cowards so sour they bombed & scoured three towers the hour’s now or it’s never

the hour’s now or it’s never most wonder how this endeavor could ever get better we’re clever and we’ll settle this measure so treasure each and every soul and their role inside this matrix emphasize an open mind I hope in time we see their fake tricks see this world is ours and we are one - this world is ours and we are one

galactic swirls and stars, the sun has risen to illuminate consuming hate
assume the great has just begun - wide eyes on the horizon, search inside to find your blindness words of horus and osiris, in darkness kindness is a virus words of horus and osiris, in darkness kindness is a virus

the insanity of humanity sure needs a quick solution to war famine disease economies and sick pollution our world is cooking in fear kitchen let me stick the truth in only when you are fear ridden will your pain get any soothing

our potential’s exponential but our culture keeps us trapped so much so that some listeners probably think I’ve snapped the truth is that you’re not your mind meditate & adapt find out who you really are instead of chasing outer crap

we’re conditioned to obey and to question very little falsehoods are so ingrained in our brains the truth becomes a riddle we ride thru life with lights out a purposeful padiddle it’s a long road out of darkness please come meet us in the middle

centered mind and breath control the keys to free your stressin soul mystery schools with love tuition I suggest you best enroll collective unconsciousness is ominous its obvious we’ve got to get our minds and tribes aligned to redesign connected wholes

once you accept your role all the conceptions flow stressin’ time is of the essence lazy bones investin’ slow arrested growth can be Transcended when fear is clear & all mended our tears are our greatest friend & release is the latest trend if we cease to obey the loveless lost plottin our planets end
& flood the world with love & light we will finally all be friends

found a pound of loud i’m bound to clown from ground to cloud back down to town astound the crowd and crown the sound profound I lounge around allured by words and verbs while addin’ verbs to proper nouns design a rhyme define sublime unwind allow good thoughts abound

got the skills of an artist & the will of the martyrs but my death ain’t necessary though my purpose esoteric makin money’s secondary writin like a secretary

hope you’re relieved that I'm not generic sacred geometry is universal numerics from outer space - ionospheric ball like Jeter but i don’t know Derek

heart like Peter, the saint not Jennings the human race is a bunch of lemmings, mislead in Spirit til we start condemning cuz they hide the source from where the problem’s stemming


released March 1, 2013
Written and Produced by Frank Heiss
Lyrics and Vocal Performance by David John Weber
Cover Art: "If You Let Me, I Will" by Landon Richmond



all rights reserved


HEISS Boston, Massachusetts

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